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How to turn on Documents in MIUI8

How to turn on Documents in MIUI8

Probably many of you were annoyed by the constant system message «Turn on documents in System > Installed apps» every time when you are trying to use your external SD card. In this simple manual we will tell you how to turn on Documents in MIUI8. 


Step 1. Go to Settings — Installed apps. Scroll down until you’ll see the line «Documents».

Settings - App settings
Settings — App settings

Installed apps - Documents app

Installed apps — Documents app



Tap it and press button «Enable» in the bottom of the screen. After this you can go back to apps list and see that Documents app is enabled. Now you can use your external SD card in MIUI8 without restrictions and warnings. But there is a problem, after reboot (often even without reboot) it becomes disabled again. If you need it enabled all the time you can find it in the second part of the manual — http://bitcoin-evolution.com/how-to-enable-documents-app-in-miui8-permanently/


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