How to enable Documents app in MIUI8 permanently

Probably many of you were annoyed by the constant system message «Turn on documents in System > Installed apps» every time when you are trying to use your external SD card. In this simple manual we will tell you how to turn on Documents in MIUI8 permanently. First part is for people who just want to turn it on once and the second for constatnt use.


How to turn on Documents in MIUI8 permanently

Step 1. Go to Settings — About the phone.

Settings - About the phone
Settings — About the phone



Find the line with MIUI version and tap it 8 times very quickly. When you do this you will see system message «Now you are developer«.


Step 2. Go to Additional Settings > Developer options.

Settings - Additional settings
Settings — Additional settings
Additional settings - Developer options
Additional settings — Developer options















And scroll down until you’ll see the line «Turn on MIUI optimization«.

Turn on MIUI optimization
Turn on MIUI optimization


Turn off this option and your phone will tell you that system needs to reboot to apply this option.


Step 3. Reboot the phone and from now on Documents will be enabled on permanent basis.



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